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Rebecca, Ft Collins, CO

This concept that Rob has taught in a new and fun way has helped me focus on my spoken words and intention. I am thinking,hearing,writing,and recieving differently. Wish granted can bring more happiness,more health,more energy, and more abundance on all levels.....Give it a try, I did and it works!!

Jason, Ft Collins, CO

I can't believe how easy Wish Granted is to use. Since I've been using it, it's like there is a switch in my brain and everytime I have a negative thought my Wish Granted switch flips and reminds me to be aware of what I am wishing for. I've managed to change my whole thought process within a matter of days.

Barbara, Ft Collins, CO

After talking about the "Wish Granted" concept to a friend, her eyes lit up and she said "I've been saying: "This work is going to kill me!" She quickly
realized she better change that thought process before her wish was granted! What you focus on expands!