Greetings! My name is Rob Wergin, I am a healer and a Spiritual Teacher. Wish Granted! is a simple technique to change your thoughts and your reality...

In one of my classes, a student was stuck and was creating everything he did not want in his life...” I can’t do this”, “I don’t understand”, “My job is difficult and going nowhere”, “I can’t afford that!” etc. etc...

The Wish Granted! idea popped into my head and I asked my student if he knew about Wish Granted!... And the “Wizard”

How Does “Wish Granted!” Work?

The Law of the mind is that thought and/or words create reality, and that energy follows thought. We have long searched for a way to stop our mind and our words from sending out energy or creating the reality of what we do not actually want.

The “Wizard” is a magical, mystical being above us standing behind a curtain hearing every word we speak and every thought we think. Some may call the “Wizard” by more spiritual names, and you may do so as well. The “Wizard” unconditionally loves us and only desires the best for us. And, because of our free will to choose, the Wizard must grant every wish. The Wizard listens to every thought we think and every word we speak and grants our wishes…Wish Granted! “Be it done as you believe!”

Do you intend for every word and thought to be granted? Add the words, Wish Granted! to the end of every thought or sentence and notice what happens... Is that what you are really wishing for?

“I feel sick!” Wish Granted!
I don’t have any money!” Wish Granted!

Create the Reality You Really Want!

Are you creating what you really desire? Whenever you speak or think something you do not really want instantly speak “Clear” or “Cancel” and think or speak what you really desire. Speak or think only what you really wish for:

“I am amazing!” Wish Granted!
“I feel great!” Wish Granted!
“I am beautiful!” Wish Granted!
“I am abundant!” Wish Granted!

Do you see how easy “Wish Granted!” is to use? You will quickly see, when you add these two words to every thought or sentence, how often you “wish” for something you do not really desire. As a great man once said, “As a man thinks, so is he!”

Please send your fun Wish Granted! experiences to this site and spread the joy and fun. Let’s change how the world thinks and speaks starting NOW!

Love, Joy Blessings and great Wish Granted's! to you!